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Genome editing in plants : principles and applications /

Genome editing in plants : principles and applications / edited by Om Prakash Gupta, Suhas Gorakh Karkute. - First edition. - New York: CRC Press, 2022 - 249 p.

Includes bibliographical references and index.

Historical developments of genome editing in plants -- Mechanism of ZFN Mediated Genome Editing: Scope and Opportunities -- TALEN: customizable molecular scissors for tailoring newer types of genomes in plants -- Mechanism of CRISPER/Cas9 mediated genome editing: Scope and opportunities -- Genome editing in wheat and millets -- Genome Editing for Improvement of Rice -- Genome Editing using CRISPR/Cas systems in Legumes -- Genome Editing In Oilseed Crops -- Towards "CRISPrY" vegetables: status of genome editing in vegetable crops -- Genome editing in fruit tree crops: Prospects and challenges -- Genome Editing for Metabolic Engineering in Plants -- Genome Editing in Algae: Perspectives and Challenges -- Plant genome editing in basic research to understand molecular functions -- Genome editing in plant: Challenges and opportunities -- Regulatory approaches for genome edited crops -- Advances in Genome editing.

"Genome Editing in Plants: Principles and Applications address information of genome editing starting from principles and historical aspects to the latest advancements in the field. As genome editing technology has emerged as one of the cutting edge and very promising technologies, researchers around the globe have started producing original research outputs which have significantly improved our current understanding and potential of the technology. The initial chapters describe different genome editing tools, their principles and applications. Other chapters are dedicated to present status and future applications of genome editing techniques in various crop improvement programs. Some of the advanced application of CRISPR/Cas tools like base editing and RNA detection along with regulatory aspects of genome edited crops are described in detail. This book would serve as a valuable resource to the researchers in the field of crop improvement, graduate and post graduate students engaged in plant molecular biology and biotechnology, academicians and policy makers. Addresses topics associated with historical development and principles of genome editing technology Addresses basic mechanisms operating under each genome editing technology Addresses its application in plants to design crops as per the current and future demands Addresses the regulatory mechanisms of genome edited crops"--

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Gene editing.
Plant biotechnology.
Molecular biology--Technique.

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