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Summon is a new kind of database or library search engine that includes records of print and electronic books, book contents, journals, theses and dissertations, videos lectures, and more.

The new system easy the searching and browsing of all resources of ICCBS libraries through the simple and advanced search options; the simple search engine is limited to, search by the keyword, title, author, subject, ISBN, series and the call number while the advanced search brings the boolean operators and also limit the date-range of publications, item types, languages, locations, libraries and the availability.

Furthermore, all electronic resources can be accessed on-campus only, while registered members are allowed to log in with their ID and password, and after login, they can modify their personal details along with password change; members are also permitted to view the summary of their checked out items, fine paid, reading and search history and can submit on-line recommendations for purchasing of books or journals.

Kindly contact us at or for further details.

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